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The Dodge Dakota (called the Ram Dakota for its final two years of production) is a mid-size pickup truck from Chrysler’s Ram division (formerly called the Dodge Truck division). The second-generation Dakota began development in 1991, though they were not introduced until 1996 for the 1997 model year.

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Sticking tail lights and third break light

My truck is turned off and locked but my break lights are still on, third break light as well. How do i address this problem before my bulbs burn out? (Dodge dakota sport quad cab short bed)

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I read up on my special piece of dodge and realized it had a sensor ran into the pedal and a couple of other knuckle sort of points (shamefully it was my first time sticking my head under the steering column that far) it wasn't releasing fully and pulling up wasn't helping so i doused it in WD40 and it popped free and off went my tail lights and really hot third break light finally. It popped the engine light though and i cant find my OBD2... is there any other way to check what engine code was popped without going to a shop to have the code checked and cleared?


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Check the pedal switch its probably not disengaging . Pump the brake pedal a few times and see if it wont go out Hope this helps

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