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The third generation of the DJI Phantom series released in April 2015.

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cannot start my phantom 3 standard anymore

when I was 2 ft of the ground to take off, one motor quit working causing the drone to crash but no physical damage was done.

Now nothing seems to work anymore, I can't start the unit, does not even make sounds or any led's are working, I did try another new battery but with the same results, I really wish it would start again, the unit is only 3 weeks old with about one hour of flight time on it.

If anyone knows what to do to get it working again, please respond, I would really appreciate it.


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Dude i kinda had that problem i crashed my drone but then when i turn it on it flashes and everything but when i click takeoff nothing happens dosent even move the propellers


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Hopefully you can return it under warranty since it’s not too old. Otherwise you would need to disassemble and check the power connections and see if any other part looks cracked or disconnected. Once you open it, you will likely void any warranty, so try that route first.

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