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Repair guides and support for tablets manufactured by Supersonic.

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How to I factory reset tablet sc-1022KB

I have reset the tablet to remove my files not I would like to reset it back to the factory settings. How can I do that? I have tried but was unsuccessful. It told me it could not be done

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do you need fix supersonic tablets


i need holp with fiening a phone plz


in my tab has factory reset done. after few mins i have try to power button. but it is not reboot the system. kindly your help pls.


SC-8021W. Received as a company award. Could never get Outlook to receive emails, so took it to Best Buy Geek Squad. They said, oh we can't fix that, go to MicroSoft. In the process of doing that, but now the tablet will not power up. Is 100% charged, tried simultaneous power on/volume up button, but still nothing.

Any ideas? Tried to get suppoort from Supersonic, but the url thay give for help re-directs to a marketing site selling in-app junk.



I tried to factory reset supersonic window tablet. Stuck in American Megatrends screen now. No keyboard to esc. What can I do?


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First method:

Firstly hold down the Power button, until your device is turned on.

Then from the home screen open Menu and choose Settings.

Select Backup & Reset and tap Factory data reset.

Choose Reset device and select Erase everything to begin hard reset operation.

Well done! Your  tablet should restart itself right now.


Second method:

Start by swtiching off the device by pressing Power button.

Press and hold Volume Up + Power key for a couple of seconds.

You can release held keys when you see an Android Logo on the screen.

To enter the Recovery Mode hold down the Power button for a short while.

Afterwards from the menu choose "Wipe Data/Factory Reset" by using Volume buttons to scroll and Power button to select options.

Tap "yes" to confirm if you are 100% sure you want to clear all your data.

Press Power button to enter option "reboot system now".

Cogratulations! The hard reset has just been performed.

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What to do if you lost everything.


Then you try EASEUS data recovery.


this did not work for me. I hold down the +up button and the power button at the same time only to get a Install Windows dialogue box the states "The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install Windows, click "OK" to restart the computer, and then restart the installation."

Then after clicking OK it restarts and the process repeats it self.

Any solutions.


Tried menu will not come up shuts off or turns on that's it


Were is the serial number located on a super Sonic tablet sc-1022kb


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How to factory result this tablet Supersonic

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