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Repair guides and support for Nextbook tablets.

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thermal sht down on nextbook

My nextbook will shut down by itself while I'm playing a game. I can start playing and not even 2 minutes into the game and it will shut down. Only does it if i play games. Also will get green lines going through it too, I have to lock and unlock the screen to clear it up.

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browninglnt , Some games use a lot from the CPU maxing out CPU and video, causing it to over heat and shutting down. The Tablet may just not be able to run some games that are so demanding. You can blow out all the cooling ports of dust with compressed air to help cooling/air flow and when using, have tablet sitting on a flat hard surface. Uninstall unnecessary Apps, clear cache and junk files, use a RAM booster App. etc., are all suggestions from the trouble shooting overheating tablets link below. For more info. check out the link. There are also after market cooling pads, etc. that may help, you could do a google search on and try one of these aftermarket products to see if it would help. I recommend checking the reviews on the product before ordering. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.


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Thank you very much, I'll try these


I would turn it on and within 1 minute it would have a thermal shutdown, removed the keyboard from unit and it stopped. Try that.


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My only guess is that the manufacturer did not take the thermal design in consideration very well. They probably tested it to handle every day tasks but probably didnt test it in CPU and graphics intensive workloads.

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Why does my next book shut down on me and say thermal shut down?

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