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KitchenAid Blender 5KSB52 Ultra Power Machine

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My blender makes noises

my blended has stsrted making noises . By trying the the jar with another blender I found out that the noises dont come from the motor unit but from the blades unit . The blades are well tightened and aren't deformed . There is a drop or two leak during every time I use it.

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What kind of noises is it making? If it is making knocking noises, I would check the blades first to make sure they are tight and not wobbly. I would also check to make sure none of the contact points, where the blade connects to the motor, to make sure none of the points were worn down or broken off. A whirring noise might indicate motor trouble, or blade issues if the blades are binding up because of a bad bearing or just rust.


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i'd like to replace the 2 small rubber seals of the blades assy . is it possible ?

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From the parts diagram I found searching the model 5KSB52, I can only see one replaceable rubber seal, and it's the one that seals the blade assembly to the pitcher to prevent leaks. I put a link below to that page, but if you search "5KSB52 parts", there are a few places that have parts and diagrams. If there are rubber seals under the blade, and it looks like there might be, they are probably just o-rings. You would probably have to disassemble the blade, if possible, and either measure them, or take them with you to the hardware store, or motor parts store to find a suitable replacement. Just be careful disassembling the blade assembly if you try.



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If it is leaking, then it is either a worn out bearing surface in the blade assembly, a bad rubber seal that is allowing movement of the blade assembly, or a loose collar. I can't find any parts for the blade assembly, apart from the entire assembly itself, so I doubt they made that serviceable. If your rubber seal is good, then I would replace the blade assembly.

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