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The Visual Land Prestige 10 is an internet enabled tablet made by Visual Land INC. This device page and subsequent repair guides will show you how to remove and replace the devices components.

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Why won't my tablet let me sign into my Google account?

This morning when I turned my tablet on it automatically said factory reset & cut off then wouldn't come back on, finally my husband got it to turn back on but it won't let me do anything, it lets me connect to my Wi-Fi but then asks me to sign into my Google account & EVERYTIME i try it says sign in to owners account which is exactly what I'm doing but it still won't work & it won't let me do anything until I sign into my Google account which it won't do... idk what's going on I've tried like 100 times with the correct user name & password but still it says the Same thing must sign into owner's account which once again I've done several times what is the problem here?? And now I've followed the instructions to factory reset it again & now it's stuck on a screen that's just blue and says just a sec it's been stuck on this screen for 25 mins now. Why is this tablet always giving me so much trouble. It takes forever to turn on, the battery don't last & it freezes up on me all the time but now I can't get it to do anything at all, just stuck on a screen that's saying just a sec..

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Same thing to me not letting me sign in on my new tablet?


did not see answer


need answer, perhaps taking out the battery?


Don’t see answer to not letting me sign on to Google


I can't sign in on my tablet.


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Hi there!

Here is a link to ‘‘HARD RESET’’ and after this, a lot should clear. If not then please try going into the ‘‘recovery mode’’ as shown in the page and select the delete/clear cache. And that should have your tablet out of the box like.

I hope this helps! Let me know if it didn’t!

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Ok i will try that. Ill let you know if i can find you after im done


After I sign into my WiFi it want do anything else


I've already done a hard reset an it still won't let me in on my tablet. I'm getting !#^&@@. I've been trying for 2 weeks straight an same problem.


Same here is Google deliberately breaking our tablets?

Do I have to buy a Google free tablet?


I am trying to use my tablet and it's bringing up an old Gmail I'm signed out of Google across the board it was fine 15 minutes ago I set it down and it fell asleep when I picked it back up it won't let me into anything. I don't want to do a hard reset and lose anything. This is just my tablet I mainly use my phone but would love to use my tablet so I can actually see things help!


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