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The Salter model 1036 is a digital disc kitchen scale with a maximum capacity of 5 kg or 11 lb.

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The LCD screen keeps showing OUT2 error code

The scales are working and there are fresh batteries in the machine but there is an error showing OUT2 on screen. Can anyone help fix this error?

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Hello…I have a Taylor scale model 3807BK21?.and my ? Done it come with back LED



anyone know how to calibrate a

Salter 1046 Digital Scale ? (pink model)


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It appears that the problem might be caused by moisture on the control board, which can cause bad connections etc.

However, according to the User guide there is a 15 year guarantee on the product. Therefore I recommend that you verify that it is still within the guarantee period (ensure that you have the proof of purchase) and then consult the guarantee statement in the User guide as to what you have to do to make a claim for a guarantee repair or replacement.

It they will not honour their guarantee for whatever reason then I suggest that you dis-assemble the scales and see if there is any moisture damage to the control board. Remove the battery and then look for screws under the feet of the base as well as in the battery compartment and under any stickers to undo the base plate to gain access.

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I did manage to force mine into calibration mode. See my answer for more info


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Hi All,

I was pointed to this discussion to calibrate my Salter 1036 Digital Scale. The method above didn’t work for me but having watched videos online how other scales are being calibrated, I worked out how to do mine!

Switch on pressing and releasing the ON button and then press and hold it back right away. Whilst holding the ON button, press the UNIT button 3 times and release all buttons once the display says “Zero”. It changes to “Cal” right after and then it says “5000g” waiting for you to put 5kg on it. Once done it automatically indicates “pass” on the screen and you are done :) Best of luck!

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There are two screws under the CE label. These are the only screws holding the two parts together. The plastic buttons become clogged so they don't return fully and leave the switches pressed.

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Thanks for the help in getting the 2 halves of the scale apart, worked fine. Even better, I FIXED the Out2 error problem. Take out the battery. Then, I followed your advice about cleaning around the 2 buttons - I used a very fine steel pick. A thick needle would probably work as well, just gently scrape around the buttons from both the outside face and as far underneath you can get on the inside face of each button. The magic solution was a very slight spray of CRC where the buttons make contact. I probably sprayed a bit too much, but it worked immediately. Screw the 2 halves back together, insert the battery, job done. My Salter is around 8 years old and hopefully will go another 8. Good luck!


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I had this error, finally fixed it.

First i took it apart and put it back together - but I suspect this wasn’t neccessary.


# power on

  1. immediatly press and hold the “Tare” button until it shows you a long number.
  2. press mode once and it will show “CAL” on the display
  3. press mode once more and it’ll flash 100g
  4. Place 100g on the pad

If you numbers are jumping all over the place and it claims it’s Unstable after this, take it apart and put it back together. The trick to acheiving stability seemed to be tightening the screws holding it down just enough. not too much and not too little. ensure the load cell only connects with the tray at the one screw position.

The load cell works by analysing the stress accross the load cell (it’s the big bar that gets the pad secured to it.

Good luck - but honestly fixing this was probably quicker than taking it to the shop and coming back. and more interesting.

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Thanks for these instructions! My scales were drifting wildly and tare’ing them made no difference.

I followed these instructions and all is well now. They prevented me doing exploratory dismantling, which is a good thing.


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