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GSM iPad 2 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität und einem Dual Core Prozessor. Modellnummer A1396. Die Reparatur ist schwierig und verlangt Hitze und Hebeln.

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How can I unlock my iPad 2 (forgot password)

I haven't been on this iPad for along time, I forgot the passcode and it's just sitting there I can not unlock it, Please help!

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4uKey is a nice choice


my Ipad is displaying "Activation Lock" requesting Apple Id and password that were used to set up the ipad but i can't remember any. please what do i do? even if it is to flash the device to get it back


Thank you!LB


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More simplified instructions provided by Apple here: https://support.apple.com/en-au/ht204306

Plug the iPad into computer and open up iTunes (You can download iTunes by clicking here).

Turn off iPad while it is plugged into the computer. Once it is off turn the iPad on but hold the home button while doing so until it shows the iTunes recovery logo.

Then iTunes will tell you that it has detected an iPad in recovery mode and needs to either be restored or updated.

Select the restore option as restore is the only way to remove a passcode off an iPad which is unfortunate as it wipes all data on the iPad as well.

iTunes will then download the iOS system software which will take some time. On good internet it will take 5-15 minutes on average.

After 5 minutes the iPad will most likely kick itself out of recovery mode (recovery mode idle timeout). If this happens you will need to get the iPad into recovery mode again. Use the same steps mentioned above to boot the iPad into recovery mode again.

If the iPad has activation lock enabled on it, you will need to enter in your Apple ID and password linked to the iPad to activate the iPad which will prompt you during the initial setup process after restoring an iPad.

If you do not remember or know the linked Apple ID with the password then you will either need to reset password via email forgotten password on apple's website or get it removed via apple if you are the original owner of the iPad with proof of purchase.

If you can't activate the iPad you can't use it.

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Does it matter if I don't know what iCloud it is logged into or iTunes?


Updated answer look below.


i cant open my ipad 1

i cant open my ipad A1397 16gb, my applle id i cant remember and my password pl help me how to open,


worthless information. the question is how to get passed the activation lock if you don't have the previous owners itunes information.


Lol, this is required when you forget the passcode. :))))


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Based on your experience, iTunes will unable to help you unlock your ipad. Maybe you can try to use icloud to remove the locked screen if you can remember your Apple ID and have turned Find My iPad on. If not, you may need to use the third-party software such as joyoshare ipasscode unlocker to remove ipad passcode.

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Agree. I have experience with this software and it is worth recommending. I unlocked my iPhone 7 in ten minutes, and it provided an easy-to-understand guide that made me not have any technical difficulties during the unlocking process. Here is more information about Joyoshare iPasscode: https://www.fonecope.com/joyoshare-ipass...


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When you forgot iPad screen password, how about Apple ID and password? If you stil remomber Apple ID and Password, you canuse the Erase feather on iCloud to erase iPad to unlock it, or you can use the iTunes you have sync with on computer, click on Restore(not restore backup) to unlock iPad without restore.

All data loss, but you can restore from backup files

May asked to enter Apple ID and password

You can have a try.

But some friends prefer recovery mode to force unlock iPad, but if Find my iPad is enabled on iPad, your iPad will be locked with verification, you need enter Apple ID and password to unlock it.

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I tried this option! but my iPad isn't connected to the new house wifi! so it didn't work :( what other option do I have?


I have a question about my iPad 2 please let me know how to get on my iPad 2 on it A1395 I try get my password on my iPad 2 I try and Wi-Fi said you need to choose a Wi-Fi network ?? What I what should I do now


I can restore my ipad A1396.now it show Apple id but i forget it what can i do?


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