Why I cant hear anything when the song plays?

I want to hear some music and I on my mp3 like usual.But I cant hear anything and the mp3 works fine.Please help me!!

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Have you tried different earphones at all?

Have you tried different songs?

What have you tried?

I assume that when you say "it works fine" means that you can switch it on/off and navigate through the various options but there is no sound, is this correct?


Yes,you are right.I tried different earphones and different songs but it didnt work like you mention in the comment 'you can switch it on/off and navigate through the various options but there is no sound'.This is my problem and I thank you for your concern.


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The software and the controls seems to be working, given that you can navigate through the menus and also hopefully adjust the volume settings even though it does nothing.

My only suggestion now is that there is either a faulty or loose earphone socket or that the audio controller/amplifier is faulty.

The only way to prove the first possibility is to open the player and inspect the earphone socket to see if it is loose from the systemboard and if not then to test it electrically and prove that it is OK.

If the earphone socket is OK it will be harder to solve the problem as I cannot locate any circuit diagrams online which would help to locate the components involved in the audio section of the player.

There will also be a problem just opening the player as no doubt it was not meant to be repaired. The case will probably be "welded" shut. You can try opening it by using a broad bladed implement along the seam in the case and giving it a sharp tap to see if it then cracks along the seam enough to then get it open further. Try to get as thin an edge implement as possible. A paint scraper is a good start. Be aware though if you are too heavy handed you can crack the whole case. Remove the battery before you try this.

Hopefully this is of some help.

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