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Repair guides and support for the EOS 70D, a DSLR camera released by Canon in 2013. This camera can be identified by the model number DS126411.

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Sd card reader not working

Man sd card got stuck in the camera. When it got pulled out a little piece broke now it says the sd card is locked even though its not.

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A little piece from where, the SD Card or the camera?

Most SD Cards have a sliding lock switch. Is this missing from the SD card?

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing).

If so replace the SD Card.

If the part is from the camera, as I cannot locate a service manual online, here is a link that shows how to replace the LCD screen in the camera. Hopefully it contains enough information for you, about opening the camera, so that access to the card reader is possible for it to be replaced.


Here is a link to some suppliers of the card reader (if that is the problem). It is not a recommendation to use any of the sellers. It is just shown to give an idea of the cost of the part.


To replace the part, you will need the requisite SMD (Surface Mounted Device) soldering skills and tools. It may be cheaper in the long term to take it to a reputable, professional camera repair service and ask for a quote for a repair.

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