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The a7R II (model no. ILCE‑7RM2) is Sony's 2015 revision to their full-frame, mirrorless, interchangeable-lens camera.

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incompatable battery error sony a7II

Might be buying a sony A7II very similar to A7rII. It has incompable battery error no matter which batteries you put in it. I heard it might have bad contact with batter terminals. Any thoughts on this please before I take the big gamble and buy it??

Thanks & have a Great day!

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@biznisdude , Brent Haynes, Is there any chance you could try and clean contacts and try camera before you buy.That way you could eliminate the gamble perhaps, solely cleaning contacts may not fix the fault. There is always a chance the problem may be internal,bad solder joint, loose wires, damage bent contacts, etc. If you can try cleaning battery terminals/contacts with a pen ink eraser(they are a little abrasive which will remove corrosion, but may have to be shaved down depending on the type of contacts to be cleaned). Stick the eraser end of the ink pen into your battery chamber, and scrub it across the battery contacts carefully not to damage the contacts, blow out any eraser shavings, dust/debri. You could also use Q-tip dampened in 90% isopropyl alcohol or a small piece of fine grain sand paper taped to a pencil, soft bristle tooth brush, long match stick, etc. After cleaned up, insert fully charged compatible battery and try camera.

I beleive this to be the correct battery for the Sony A7ll-(Sony NP-FW50 Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery 1020mAh).

The links to forums discuss this issue and have some suggestions on fixes for this error. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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You have very good points! I appreciate your wonderful help and getting back to me quickly! I just may be cautious and not purchase the camera at about 1/2 price since I can't actually inspect it first hand. It could very well be an internal problem as suggested. Thanks & Have a Great Day!


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