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The Sprout Channel Cubby™ was first produced in 2014, it is a child friendly device that provides the functionality of a tablet. It boasts a 1024x600 touch screen, Two 2 megapixel cameras (one rear facing and one front facing), Parental controls and security, HDMI connectivity, Bluetooth, WiFi, 16GB Memory, 1GB RAM, and a 1.2 Ghz processor. It has access to internet and various application stores and applications, which can be limited by the parental controls

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How long is factory warranty

How long is the factory warranty

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I bought my grand daughter a cubby sprout for Christmas. After charging it loads the apps and the goes black and will not load anything else. The store won't take it back as I can not find the receipt. Can you help me. My grand daughter is devastated.


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1 year warranty from date of purchase, 6 months only on parts and labor.

From very bottom line here:


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Basically you might as well assume there is NO warranty bc if you read the entire text regarding the warranty it says they can decide to say it wasnt their fault but rather your own negligence, or that it was exposed to water or whatever excuse they feel like using at the moment and what they say goes. Of course it's worded differently, but it does say these things, just worded to sound more appealing. I know they don't want to remake every Sprout Cubby tablet they've ever manufactured but they could have made the things usable for at least a few months!! If you're reading this tho I imagine you've already realized you should have done some research before buying the piece of garbage and hopefully you purchased some kind of additional warranty bc if not good luck getting Ematic to service it without expecting you to pay a bill for more than the tablet costed to begin with.

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