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Model A1318 / 32 or 64 GB capacity

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Screen is black. Can I use 2nd Gen screen replacement on 3rd gen ipod?

Hi iFixit,

My iPod is an iPod Touch 3rd Gen with 64 GB.

It just got water damage.

After did the thing which I can do to remove the water, I try to turn on the power.

It seems to still work fine, but the screen of my iPod touch is very dark. I guess that the backlight is dead.

Do you have any idea what should I do?

I try to search the internet to find the screen replacement of 3rd Gen.

However, I found it is hard to find any place to sell it.

Can I use "2nd Gen of Screen replacement on my ipod? Or should i wait for a while?

Thanks a lot

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You cannot interchange 2nd and 3rd gen iPod Touch parts except with the 8GB 3rd gen, that model is identical to the 2nd gen's.

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it's hard to find a place to sell it because it just recently just came out. What you might want to do is actually purchase a new lcd display for it and if that doesn't work, purchase an entire new display. this can be purchase on here or eBay

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