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blue iPod 5th generation (broke)

i was just asking my ipod broke because my aunty washed it but i put it in the charger and the screen isnt turning on ever since i plugged it in and a minute ago i plugged it in and it was making like this crackling noise i dont know what to do and i havent got enough money to buy another one please just tell me what to do ?????? :( :( :(

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Hi Rebecca.

Stop charging it, and let it dry out completely.

Read these answers: Possible water damage, what's the next step?

good luck

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Rebecca, I most certainly agree. This is a time where you will have to have patience and let it dry out thoroughly. Do not plug it in do not try to charge it. Let us know in a couple of days how it is going and follow the advise on here regarding iPod immersion. Hang in there and good luck to you.


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