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The Cinema HD is a "letterbox" form LCD display in a clear enclosure. It was released in March of 2002.

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Clean transparent panels on the inside?

I have two of these monitors - the acrylic non aluminum. Both of them have a lot of dust (one even a dead spider) on the inside of the transparent plastic.

What is the easiest way to clean them on the inside? I know the back panel is fairly easy to remove but what about the front panel?

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This one’s actually pretty easy.

  • Unplug the monitor.
  • Lie the panel down flat on a soft protective surface
  • There are 3 screws on the underside of the hinge/leg assembly. Remove those and the leg and hinge cover come off. Set aside.
  • Remove the three screws located on each side. There will be 12 in total to remove from this panel. Afterward, the back panel can be lifted off.
  • CAUTION: the front of the screen retains the front of the “easel” legs as part of the front facade. Take care to not bend/snap or otherwise flex these so they don’t break off.
  • Take care to set the removed clear panel so it does not get scratched. This can be wiped out with isopropanol wipes, as can the front bottom of the legs that are still attached to the monitor.
  • Reassembly is in the reverse. Ensure that the leg bottoms in front are seated properly into the rear case before securing screws.

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