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A sporty, speedy sibling of the roller skate, also known as roller blades.

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Lubrication is leaking out of wheels

I have a pair of inline skates that have been in storage for several years, never used. There's now a sticky substance coating the wheels, and the wheels won't turn easily. In addition, one of the wheels needs replacing, because a chunk of the wheel has broken off. Not sure if this was caused by the sticky stuff, or if it was damaged when I moved to my current place.

I'm wondering if the sticky stuff is lubricant that has leaked out, and if I could clean them up and add a new lubricant.

Do inline skates use a lubricant? And if so, what type, and how should it be applied?


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What is the make and model name of the skates?

Knowing this might help solve the problem as most wheels run on bearings. It depends whether they are sealed bearings and the seal needs to be replaced as well as the bearings need to be repacked or whether the bearings can just be re greased.

It will also help in determining if there are any spare parts available for the skates, i.e. a new wheel

If you can't find out, try asking at a bike shop that also handles skateboards, skates etc. they possibly will be able to help you.

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Julie Adams , Yes Julie inline skates do use a lubricant in the bearing of the wheels and that will be the lubricant/oil that has leached out over the long storage period. If the oil has been reacting to the plastic's of the wheel making them hard/brittle or too soft the wheels will need replaced. Dish soap and warm water or rubbing alcohol on a cloth should be able to get the residue off the wheels so you can inspect them. You will have to be the judge on the condition of the wheel if the material chips easily or cracks. Now as far as cleaning and re lubricating the bearings, unless you are playing a professional sport and depend on the roller blades for a living, a simple disassembly, cleaning and lube as shown in the video's below will serve the purpose using low cost materials. Larger sporting goods stores should be able to help with replacement wheels if needed. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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