Sony Xperia J, is simply a smartphone that works on Android software.

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I had a problem with my screen


I make a hard reset to my phone xperia st26i to fix a problem with the screen but the screen still in the same way.

My problem is that the top of the screen starts to become black just on the upper line.

In fact, I can't see the level of battery and the date,

I try to update the software but it still in the same way.

Should I have to change my screen or something else?


see picture

Block Image

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@saby going by your description alone, it does sound like a bad LCD. I'd replace it and then re-evaluate. This video should help you with the task.

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Thank you for your help.

I just have a small question, so I have to replacement this part showing in the link below?

Thank you


@saby sorry your link gets me to a whole bunch of unrelated stuff. Check the link and repost.

You are looking for something like this


I'm sorry but I don't know why I wrong the link


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