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Ein Rotationswerkzeug von Dremel mit verschiedenen Geschwindigkeitsstufen und Aufsatzoptionen.

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Speed Control Triac Number

What type of Triac is used on the 8200?

I've burnt mine out and can't read the number.

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The simple thing would be to call Dremel and ask them to repair it. They will send you a place to take it and a repair number. \costs nothing with in 3 years of purchase. If you have the receipt give them the info from it, if not tell them where you purchased it.

Repair is free and shipping is back to you free.


Why do people never answer the question? Instead its why don't you call Dremel? I don't think they asked if they should call Dremel. but what the part number was. Jesus, if your not gonna answer the question, then do not reply. BD134T also BT134W


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I have had the same trouble with control board burned out. I bought the rotary tool 2 months ago, in France and live in Brazil. So, sending the machine to US (and have it back) I believe will be so much expensive. I already have the P/N of the board and will try to buy it frm some Dremel service. Hope it works.

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My Dremel 8200 always works full, without speed control, and perhaps the same fault as yours. If you want I pass photos of the interior ..

Actualización (03/10/19)

I have looked at it. It is a Mosfet channel n. The model is 80NF03L-04. If you want I pass photos, since I have reviewed my dremel and it is what has burned to me.

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