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Students will be working with this device soon. The Maylong M-295 is an Android tablet.

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What Power adapter is compatible to use w maylong m-295?

IThe power adapter that came with the tablet got damaged by my pet, can I use another adapter that is compatible?if yes can you give me info, Please.

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Yes you can use another adapter as long as the output is 5VDC and >1000mA (>1.0A) and that it has a micro USB plug on it (1st) or can have an appropriate USB cable plugged into it (2nd). The information is usually printed on the adapter

You can also charge it from a mobile phone charger or a PC USB port as long as you have the correct USB plug connection . It will take longer to charge though and will not charge at all if the tablet is also switched on at the same time. These sources only supply 700mA (0.7A) and 500mA (0.5A) respectively.

Here is a link to the 1st option (I realize that it says that it is for a Maylong M270 but it should also work on your tablet). Here is a link to the 2nd option mentioned.

They are only shown as examples of what they look like and what the price might be. It is not a recommendation to use either of the suppliers.

It also depends what country you are in so that you get the correct adapter that will correctly plug into your wall power outlet. There are others online. Just search for 5VDC 2A adapter then look for ones with a micro USB plug and that it also suits your location

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Thank you very, very much.


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