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Baby monitors manufactured by British Telecom.

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The handheld part of the monitor has stopped working

BT baby monitor and pacifier

The handheld part of the monitor has stopped working And won't even turn on with new batteries, not sure whether this could just be a fuse?

Also my other Bt baby monitor screen is just all messy and doesn't show anything and the volume won't turn down as much on the monitor part itself

Can I send them off to you for repair, is that something you offer?

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Hi @beckyp

Ifixit does not do repairs. Its' volunteers will give advice which hopefully will allow you to fix it yourself or they will recommend that you get it professionally repaired.

What is the model number of your BT baby monitor?

How long have you had it?

Has it been dropped at all and appears damaged or got has it gotten wet at any stage? This is only asked to initially eliminate potential causes.


The monitor which I am watching the baby from when I turn on it’s a completely white blank screen i can’t see where it needs battery has I’ve got a charger to charge it and it is fully charged but still doing it


Hi @ambermay ,

What is the model number of the baby monitor?


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Contact customer support


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