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The LG enV3 (Known as the LG Keybo 2 in Canada) is a mobile phone with a QWERTY keyboard released from Verizon Wireless (Telus in Canada) and made by LG Electronics.

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ENV3 only has sound when flipped open.

I proformed the screen replacement from this forum. It went fine, screen works. the only thing that does work is when the phone is closed, there is no audio. Open the phone and the speaker comes on. Did I miss some in the replacement of the screen??

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I am having the same *exact* problem. Followed these instructions, and replaced the LCD. All went well and my LCD is fixed on both screens. But no audio output when the phone is closed up. When I open it I get the speakerphone which is somewhere in the keypad side of the phone.

Anyway, is this speaker we are having trouble with the one that is fastened to the plastic housing? It has two spring prong contacts on it, that when assembled touches the large gold contacts on the other side, as show in Step 11 (on the left/center side of the phone).

Becuase if so, then maybe there is an issue with that assembly, which is part of the LCD...maybe I have a defect new LCD part?

FWIW, I took my phone apart again and bent those spring contacts outward so I knew it would make contact when re-assembled. Still no joy.


Ditto that, Replaced LCD, it didn't fix my internal screen problem but now my audio output is gone. WTF!!!!!!!


Never did fix it. Ended up getting a new smart phone once my contract expired.


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Here's an idea (not a proven solution) - if you haven't thrown your ENV3 away by now...

On mine, there appears to be some foil tape (or at least silver tape) going from the speaker to the LCD edge. If that is conductive tape then, maybe, that is why your speaker isn't working.

Just an idea.

I'll include a picture if I can figure out how - though my picture quality is poor.


Block Image

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My wife's phone had a similar problem -- no sound when closed though the speaker worked fine. I took it apart (see Replacing LG enV3 (VX9200) Screen/LCD ) and found that the speaker that was not working is connected to the rest of the phone by 2 spring loaded contacts. I roughed up where the contacts touch the phone and also bent the contacts back a bit so that they would make firmer contact. Then put the phone back together and it worked!

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Lots of good information here. My ENV3 just developed this same problem (sound only when flipped open). Before I start down the path of disassembling my phone, I'm wondering if someone can tell me just how deep you need to get to try to fix this problem. Since the instructions are for replacing the screen (and my screen is working fine), I'm wondering how far I need to take my phone apart to get to the foil tape mentioned by Bob or the spring contacts mentioned by rickdp1. Incidentally, for me the the problem was intermittent at first and then became permanent, which makes me suspect some sort of a bad contact. Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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