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The first 8 inch Android tablet by Samsung.

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Broken Digitizer or broken Lcd screen?

My question is exactly how do you know when you need to replace the entire LCD screen or just the digitizer?

I purchased my galaxy tab 3 on eBay over a year ago. It was cheap as the screen had a crack but it worked purfectly from day one.

Originally it was ment to be mine only as I had also purchased a tab 2 which wasn't damaged at all for my wife and a cheap off brand tablet for my little girl.

Well wasn't long before everyone used mine even the in-laws got thier hands on it. The other day my wife mentioned it was messed up. The screen is really bad.

Same crack as always but now the screen has lines all over it, so much so I'm barely able to see the Samsung name when it's turned on. It wasn't that bad when I ordered a new digitizer but by the time it arrived it got worse. Doesn't even stay on.

Can anyone tell me if its salvageable or should I just junk it?

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PS: if you don't have cases for your tablets, get some. In my experience, rubbery cases with "bumpers" are the best cheap option. Damage-resistant cases like Otter Boxes are even better, but more expensive. Protect your investment!


The lcd craked


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The LCD underneath the digitizer is damaged, probably by someone dropping it or pressing down on the cracked screen...or moisture/dirt getting into the crack.

A replacement LCD and digitizer will probably cost around $40 just for the replacement parts. If you don't know how to replace these yourself, you're looking at around $30+ for labor, if you go to a locally owned repair shop, depending on where you live.

Don't go to places like Best Buy or Walmart. They might give you a "good" deal, but they often install unwanted bloatware and data tracking software as a "bonus", and their technicians are much less reliable than those at mom-and-pop businesses, where mistakes really matter.

Depending on how much you paid, it may be cheaper to get a new tablet, unless you're comfortable with changing out the LCD and glass yourself—which I do NOT recommend if you have no phone or tablet repair experience, as its fairly tricky and there's a high chance of accidentally damaging something and wasting your money.

If you decide you buy a new tablet, you can sell your broken tablet for a few extra bucks on eBay or at a local repair store. If you decide to throw it out, be sure to recycle it properly, as circuit boards contain valuable and environmentally toxic metals.

Best of luck to you. (And insist that your family be more gentle with their devices!)

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Lol bestbuy does not install "bloatware" on client devices, its against the law and our policies. You're not interesting enough to our underpaid technicians to actually try and track you, that would require hiring someone to monitor it.


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This is a damaged LCD. If it responds to touch completely, then the digitizer is fine. Depending on the LCD model, it may be worth it to salvage, but parts depending on model is difficult to find and...

Tab e 7.0" is $99 USD


Tab S2 8.0" is $299 USD


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The LCD which is the video display. The LCD size is nearly the size of the picture you see If a Phone does not respond to finger touch, then the digitizer is broken.

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