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Homebutton only touch ID works after screen replacement

Dear Ifixer's,

I have some issues with an iphone 7 screen replacement. Replaced the customers screen and looks like the homebutton isn't working anymore, but the touch ID reader still does. I have readed already some answered question involving homebutton troubles. Some say entering DFU mode and installing the software again should solve the "half" working home button issue, but in my case it didn't....

Wat i did so far is handled the screen repair with the most precision, after the repair checkt all the cable's and connection's and everything looks fine at first site. I entered DFU mode and reinstalled the iphone but i still don't have a result...

Is there anyone that had the same issue ?

Can the homebutton still be rescued, or is there anything that i overlooked or still can try to do ?

Please tell me you're all given a BIG thanks in advance for reading and taking your time to do, and try to help.

Thank you


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It seems both the home button and touch ID are integrated together. Maybe it would be easier to replace the home/touch ID unit? If one function is working then it is probable that the circuit the unit attaches to works properly. So I would think the problem would be isolated to the unit.


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Watch this Video for more Information about the iPhone 7 Homebutton:


If you broke the home button extension cable you'll need to replace the Display or the backlight.

Like in this Video:


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These home buttons are extremely picky in my experience with repair this device.

I have found the culprit to be the screen home button cable That is attached to the lcd assembly I attempted a new screen and it fixed the issue for me its worth a shot.

Stephen T.

Professional Repair Tech for Over 5 years

Samsung and Apple Specialist

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