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My phone cannot make acall

when i press to call it says( Not registerd on network)

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fadul babker info. from link below, Samsung galaxy not registered on network error occurs when you attempt to make a call or text. Your current Service Provider is not notified of your IMEI number, and then you get this error on the pop-up screen ” not registered on a network”.

Use the links below to hopefully solve your issue or drop in and see your service provider if able. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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Not Registered on Network error is associated with mobile carrier network you get when there is some conflict with mobile network reception or SIM card. any attempt to make a call will display a pop-up “Not registered on network”. This can be caused by a series of errors including poor reception, SIM card registration fails, No network access in your area, etc. The error can occur on any smartphone including Samsung and others.

  • Restart the Android
  • Turn Flight Mode on/off
  • Toggle SIM off/on
  • LTE/VoLTE Connection switching
  • Remove SIM Card and Re-insert.
  • Reset Network Settings
  • Manual Network Mode
  • Clear Android Cache
  • Enter Service Mode (Samsung phone)

And finally, don’t forget to check with your network provider and check is the connection is active.

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