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Is wired connection to PC possible?


I read in some Magic Keyboard tests that it does not actually need Bluetooth to work. If you just plug the lighting/USB cable to your Mac and turn off Bluetooth, it works.

I was wondering if the same was possible with a PC not equipped with Bluetooth, i.e. is the Magic Keyboard working when plugged with the cable into a PC.

Thanks in advance !

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Why not try it? Can't​ hurt.


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I’m currently typing on this very keyboard whilst it being connected to Windows via cable.

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@tdenta just get a bluetooth dongle and follow this setup. It all will of course depend on what Windows OS ( or Linux ) you are using. You may need to get the drivers for it.

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@oldturkey03, you have gained more rep in the last two weeks than I have all time! How do you do it?

P.S. still @pccheese


My Gosh! I hope we'll both still be fixin' then!


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just plug it it. worst that happens is your house will explode. Just kidding, worst that will happen is that it wont work.

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Thanks for helping me.

However my goal is to find out if this keyboard is working wired to a PC, before buying it. It's one of the features that will influence my decision.

I would be glad if someone having the keyboard could try the "wired to PC" thing for me, and tell if it works straight away or not.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the suggestion !

I would like to avoid buying a Bluetooth dongle. The keyboard itself it quite expensive …

I thought someone had tried at least once this wired connection.

The OS used would be Windows 10. If I could rely on automated driver installation it would be great. I don't really care about special function keys, as long as letters and numbers work I'm happy.


@tdenta, plug your USB in and let it rip


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