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The Dell Latitude E6400 was Dell's mainstream corporate 14.1" notebook introduced in August 2008.

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Locked out of my Windows 10 , and need some advice asap!

So about four days ago I was logging into my computer and around every 2-3 months my computer password expires and it makes me reset to a new one. I was so in the moment and so busy when I did so and cant remember what it is. Ive tried doing as my computer has directed me to with getting a usb flash drive , with the one pop thats wizard. Ive tried but I dont have a "reset disk". Im just lost and have no idea what to do. Please help! Any advice would be great. Thank you so much for your time! btw. If theres no way I can unlock my computer without losing my pictures , its a risk I will have to take.

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https://www.howtogeek.com/222262/how-to-... That should help. If not let me know and ill help you resolve

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I tried the first method it didnt work for me and the second im confused on the "boot order" I shut down my computer and shift and f10 it didnt work


http://www.lostwindowspassword.com/windo... if that doesnt work then i have one more option


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If you're laptop is signed into Windows live (Microsoft account) then all you have to do is reset your Microsoft account password. Do it here. Hope this helps!

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