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Das Huawei P8 Lite (Modell: ALE-L21) angekündigt im April 2015, verbindet Schönheit mit Schlichtheit. Seine professionellen Kameras ermöglichen es dir, selbst in der düstersten Umgebung natürliche und scharfe Fotos zu machen. Der Beauty Modus hebt die schönsten Seiten des Eigentümers in jedem Selfie hervor.

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Why is my wifi and bluetooth not functional any more? (Huawei p8 lite)

So i have a huawei p8 lite and the bluetooth doesn't detect any devices (tested it with different devices a few times). The wifi sees networks fine, but i can only connect to the wifi if i place the phone right next to the modem. If i try to connect from any further than that, it would say "Connecting" for 1 or 2 seconds and either say "saved, encrypted" or "Denied access to network" (Yes i made sure the password and everything is correct) but it doesn't connect at all.

I suspect it has something to do with the one night i transferred A LOT of music from my tablet to my phone's new micro sd card.(Did it with shareit, its a wifi direct app) I was wondering if the hours of continuous transferring caused the hardware or something to bug out.

If you have a solution i'd be so happy( would love to connect it to the car's bluetooth to play my music :) )


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Dumb question, perhaps, but...

Have you tried rebooting the phone?


Lol yep i did. I tried factory reset, cache wiping and that stuff...


I suspect the wifi+ bluetooth antenna is damaged...


Hmm... Can you put a bluetooth device next to it, like with the router?


I did put a device right on top of it, the phone and the bt device both don't detect each other...


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Change wifi ic thats ur phone problem

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