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Contrary to popular belief, Linux is not an operating system but an operating system kernel that is used as the base for an operating system and is mostly used on servers, however, it can also be used on a standard desktop.

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Help! Fedora freezes on startup

I installed fedora 25 server edition on my computer. And it went well. After realizing I was in over my head, I tried to install a desktop on top of it. While uploading it freezes and gives me some error messages.

I would like to either install another workstation, or another Linux system, with something that resembles a desktop, or reinstall windows.

How do I do that? If you have an email, I can send you a picture of the error.

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While uploading what?

Why install a server edition if you wanted a desktop interface??


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Hi, Fedora server has no user interface. You likely are looking at an ugly text screen.

I would encourage you to continue with Linux, just not a "server" edition. The only difference between a 'server' and 'desktop' in the Linux world is that 'server' normally doesn't come with a user interface, and 'desktop' doesnt have all the server packages out of the box. Both can be server and desktop if you know which packages to install.

I would suggest downloading on another computer 'Kubuntu' Linux. This is a variation of Ubuntu, but it looks famliar.


Block Image

The user interface looks like if Windows and OS X had an offspring.

You can use a program called 'rufus' to make a bootable USB from the iso download.

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Red Hat Enterprise would be a better choice i hes wanting to use it as a server. It works well as a server and has a desktop interface....just a thought


@jimfixer, well yes, Fedora is the test bed that eventually evolves into Red Hat Enterprise. However there is a $349~$2500 fee for Red Hat Enterprise.


RHEL 5 and 6 are older distributions that can for nodda and are still very usable


Interesting, can you point me to where I can download it?

RHEL 5 and 6 are incredibly old though. Do they support EFI?


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It has been about four years since your question was asked, so apologies for the delayed response. I’m new to ifixit, but a long time linux Fedora user.

Fedora is currently at version 34 which you should download if you’re interested in a supported version. You can download the iso image from here: https://getfedora.org/en/workstation/dow...

This is a DVD file that can either be written to a RW dvd, or to a thumb drive. The idea is to copy to one of them and then boot your computer off it. Once you have it up and running, follow the instructions to do an install from the iso image.

Here is the installation guide: https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/fed...

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