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Die fünfte, auf Android basierende Generation der Galaxy Smartphones von Samsung ist seit dem 11. April 2014 auf dem Markt. Zu den Verbesserungen gehören der Fingerabdruckscanner, eine erneuerte Kamera, ein größeres Display und Wasserresistenz. Es ist in vier verschiedenen Farben verfügbar: Schwarz, blau, weiß und kupfer.

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Why is my Galaxy S5 automatically restarting?

My Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps restarting itself. When I turn it on, the screen freezes, than it automatically shuts down . The logo remains on the screen for about 1 minute and then it restarts.and it goes on and on and then I have to remove my battery.

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u can try install official firmware this tutorial help u



I've tried three different batteries, two of which are genuine Samsung ones, all of which worked fine until the day the S5 started boot-looping, so I'm disinclined to believe it's a battery issue with all three batteries. It had just performed a software update which had completed successfully, and phone had rebooted. The problem started when the phone ran out of charge and powered down. I swapped the battery over and then this started when I turned on again. I have done the following:

1) Left battery out for at least 30 minutes, powered on. Tried all three batteries like this.

2) Removed the SIM card and reinserted. I have no SD card.

3) Powered up with Volume Down, Home, Power. It brought up the Firmware upgrade boot screen, but just rebooting off here didn't work. Selecting to upgrade the firmware said “downloading" until the phone battery died (was on 90% to start with) and didn't fix the issue.

4) Powered up with Volume Up, Home, Power. It said “Recovery Booting…” but doesn't actually go to the recovery menu, it just resumes the boot loop. As a result of this, I can't perform a factory reset using the menu, as I can't get to the menu.

Please advise me on how to proceed from here?

Many thanks,

Geoff Jones


If your phone is anything like mine was, you probably have an internal wireing/charging problem. The energy doesn't flow correctly from the charging port to the battery to throughout the phone, somethings broken somewhere, and any battery you put in the phone will come out damaged. I struggled with this problem for a while, messing with alternative ways to charge it such as https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwTrlMom..., but ultamently the phone wasn't worth the trouble and I got rid of it. The batteries you put in your broken phone will wear down quickly and I found it would cost more money to fix than to just buy a new one. It has nothing to do with how your phone runs and everything to do with flow of energy, so factory resetting will not help anyway. Sorry for your loss.


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Oh, that's bad firmware avoid doing a factory reset as you can get it working without losing data (factory reset most of the time wont work when it boot loops on animated samsung logo like that.)

You will need to reflash the firmware on that phone using ODIN flasher if you want to keep the data.

Download the Samsung Firmware from here:


To choose the correct firmware, compare the CSC code (Region / Carrier) that is displayed in the recovery menu:

To boot recovery mode on the phone, take battery out (wait 5 seconds) or force turn phone off via power + volume down for 8-10 seconds then quickly hold power and volume up until it shows (vibrates and shows samsung logo) It will most likely say booting recovery. Let it boot and you will see it display what I said hopefully. Firmware build version information is displayed at top of recovery menu if you want to keep note of it, it's useful to know to help identify which firmware is best for your phone.

It will print in the recovery menu applied CSC code OPS or something like that.

Once you have downloaded the correct firmware, you will need to open up odin

Good instructions on how to use odin are here:


Alternatively you can use Samsung Smart Switch to identify which firmware is right for your phone:

1. Open up smart switch after downloading and installing it:


For below check the back of the phone / behind battery for S/N and IMEI.

2. Enter Model Number (Use capitals):


3. Enter Serial Number:


4. The software should display something like this:


(BTU) is the region code to identify which region firmware you need for your device, just make sure to use latest one to avoid issues with flashing older firmware than the one you already have on your device.

But don't use smart switch or samsung kies to flash firmware on phone if you want to keep data though.

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How do you add Firmware suggested if you can't even get phone to stay on?


Because the phone is supposed to stay on while it's in download mode. If it does not then I would recommend trying another battery first.


this happened to me but after leaving thee device off for 10 minutes i turned it on and it worked. It worked but didn't recognize the SD Card until i unmounted and remounted it. Confused but its working fine now.


what can I do i my volume button doesn't work?


I did all what they asked me to here , even I install the new firware using odin but still rebooting. . I don't t know what to do?


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Try to perform a factory reset. Pull the battery from your device. Then, install the battery back. While off, simultaneously hold the power button, volume down button and home button until you see a menu at the top left. Release the buttons and then choose factory reset. Wait a few minutes and that will solve your problem.

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Just a shot, but try removing the battery and holding the power button down for 10 seconds or so then putting the battery back in. It can remove some residual power that can build up within the power management. Also be sure to use the OEM charger AND charging cube.


DO NOT FACTORY RESET YOUR PHONE!!! I have checked many question/answer platforms and everyone who has tried factory resetting their phone has been extremely disappointed. This does not fix the problem.


That seemed to work Steve but at first it didn't. So thought maybe it was getting the firmware update or something automatically although automatic update is turned off on my phone.


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I had this problem, but now I don’t. Here’s a website on what I did/learned. \/


Hope this helps!


-Change the battery

-You may have charging port problems. Watch this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwTrlMom...

-Don’t do a factory reset.

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My phone is having this issue and I've only had it since around Xmas this year. I just turned it off and turned it back on repeatedly and it started working again. It might've had an update that took longer from carrier I wonder.

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mines being doing this for weeks now which is highly annoying when I took it to the phone shop they said it's something to with the fact that old programming is now out of date on the s5 so they recommended I upgraded.

Hope this helps

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Phone was resetting all week unless it was connected to psu. Tried a new battery, didnt fix it. All of a sudden its working fine again.

Very strange, but maybe just try waiting it out?


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"My Samsung Galaxy S5 keeps restarting itself. When I turn it on, the screen freezes, than it automatically shuts down . The logo remains on the screen for about 1 minute and then it restarts.and it goes on and on and then I have to remove my battery."


Replace the battery by a (new) worked battery and this problem will be totally solved.

Best wishes

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I've been having similar issue where phone would shut off and try turning back on but only get to screen that says samsung galaxy s5 then it would shut off again and try turning back on repeatedly unless I would either pull the battery or if I'd plug charger into it then it would work just fine. After a couple days of this crap I remembered I had the original battery for it yet so I tried that and now it's working just fine. I'm extremely confused but happy!

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