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Body Controll Module Repair

2005 Pontiac Aztek -

Temperature gauge is acting screwy. The gauge hand has even raised up so far that it has gone to the half full gas gauge mark. Then sometimes it reaches normal operating mark, and then drops down to the 'C' mark.

After searching online, I found this video -


- and was wondering if I could repair the module instead of having to replace it. If so how do I do it.


slowboy [Keith]

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@slowboy , Keith, Temperature gauge is acting screwy and fuel gage fault may not even be the BCM. Gm was notorious for fuel gage issues some were because of faulty sending units in the tank and some had faulty stepper motors for both the Temp. and fuel gage. Also if any air in the cooling system can make the temp gage act very erratic. I suggest you look at the TSB 1st link below. As far as repairing a module, with out proper equipment to test may not be possible asside from checking and cleaning connections. May be possible to install a good used part from same type of vehicle with same options. 2nd link is forum that also discusses issue. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.



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did have air in system...had a coolant system flush done at a shop where they bled air out afterwards...coolant in reservoir seems to be going somewhere some days...today coolant in reservoir is slightly down, just below cold mark, but didn't drive car but about 5 miles after topping it/reservoir off day before yesterday...can't see any obvious external leaks...had a test for gases in system done in case possible gasket leak, checked out ok...no coolant in oil...heat and air are working fine...


where's this "stepper motor" located?...


Stepper motor's are behind the gages, link below will show. Keep an eye on the coolant if continues going down and no visual leaks I would suspect it is being burnt(leaking internally in engine combustion chamber).



and what if it's being burnt internally?...


@slowboy, Keith, I am not sure what test was performed already, normally a pressure test of cooling system will show if their is a leak(tested when hot and then cold) and further test/diagnosing pin points the location. Present leak may be pretty small and if leaking internally will get larger eventually and could lead to catastrophic engine failure if not taken care of.


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