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What happened to the audio?

My headset has worked just fine for over a year. But I put them on last night and my friends could hear through my mic but I couldn't hear anything. I can use any help.

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Hi, You don't state the model number, but has your headset got a volume control inline with the cable to the jack. Since there is no audio perhaps there is a problem with the volume control pot.


Yes it does. By bad. It is 50X


Thanks man. This helps a lot. For the Ohmmeter, can I use anyone is there a specific one for that?


Hi @sherlock_holmes ,

Any Ohmmeter will do as all you are doing is testing for continuity in the wiring. If you have to test for resistance in the Volume control unit again any will do as it is not critical as to the values it reads given that there most probably is an o/c somewhere.

Nearly all DMM (Digital MultiMeters) have an Ohmmeter function. Adequate ones are available from larger hardware stores for as little as $10

Good Luck!


Thanks. I will check it and report back.


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You could use a DMM's Ohmmeter function and prove continuity from the plug to the volume control (which most probably you'll have to open) and then from the volume control to the earphones.

Try flexing the earphones' cable, whilst 'listening' (or trying to ;-) ) to audio, at all the 'stress' points i.e. out of the plug, into and out of the volume control etc, to see if the audio comes and goes indicating it may be a fracture in the cable

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