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Reparaturanleitungen für HP Desktops

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When I power on my pc, the light comes on for a second, then goes out.

When I was trying to power on my pc, the lights would come on for a couple seconds, then it goes out. I have unplugged and reconnected. I have replaced the surge protector. I have disconnected the wireless printer. There is power in the surge protector, and the light is on the hp monitor and the speakers.

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What model and how old is it? It sounds like a power supply issue.


Hello @gloworm1131,

Do the fans spin at all?


No. The fans do not spin at all. And I will have to get back on model. I bought in 2013. (I am at work - and it's my home pc.)


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For the sake of diagnosing the computer don't connect to a power bar plug directly into the wall outlet . There are several things that could be causing this issue. Start by disconnecting anything connected to the computer except for the keyboard mouse and monitor .We'll start with a static discharge and ram diagnosis

1. Disconnect the power cord

2. Hold down the power button for 30 seconds, then release for 30 sec and then hold down for another 30sec

4. Plug in power

If this causes no Joy try this.

Remove memory and reinstall one stick at a time, if there are more than 1 DIMM of RAM, try each stick in each slot one at a time to see if the memory is ok and to determine if one of the memory slots is bad.

if there is still no joy then we'll move on to disconnecting the hard drive and the CD or DVD drive . If you haven't figured it out by now you should be inside you computer . Just thought I should mention that ;-) after disconnecting the hard drive and CD or DVD drive power on the computer you should get a boot then it should tell you theres no OS. If this is the case plug in the hard drive only and attempt to boot again if it boot here then the optical drive was the issue . If it wont boots then the hard drive may be faulty. However if you don't get anything at all you should look at replacing the power supply. Once you've tried all this contact us again through this post and let us know the results and we can go further into the diagnosis

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Check power supply first. That is the easiest to get at. Otherwise, I would suspect the motherboard. Are there any beeps after pressing the power button? If so, count the beeps. The number of beeps can indicate what may be wrong.

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replace the power supply unit. this should be an easy job because the psu uses plugs that are simply inserted in and out.the plugs and sockets are also clearly marked corresponding to each other.replacement psu are quiet inexpensive and easy to obtain .

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My pc is doing the same thing, fans are louder then normal but it might just be the LED strip.

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