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Angekündigt am 9. September 2014, ist dies das erste Gerät von Apple im Bereich der Smart Wearables. Die Reparaturanleitungen von iFixit beziehen sich sowohl auf die Apple Watch (Edelstahl) als auch die Apple Watch Sport (Aluminum).

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The apple logo keeps displaying on apple watch

my apple watch keeps displaying the apple logo. it will continuously display in the same pattern: 7 seconds showing the apple logo, 4 seconds off, 6 seconds showing the apple logo, 14 seconds off, and then repeat. it is like the watch is in a constant boot cycle. i have left it plugged in and on the charger. i have tried a hard reboot and nothing changes. if i just hold the digital crown a red circle with exclamation point appears saying go to apple.com/help. the phone cannot connect to the watch to do a factory reset. is there anyway i can manually reinstall the os?

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yeah same I have that problem too


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Is there any known way to utilize the diagnostic port?


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It appears you can with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNTVgxJd...

Kinda pricey


@jimfixer Good find. Only problem is I have not gotten one in for repair yet. So I may wait till I do.


Woah! @jimfixer ! That was a cool video! I might buy a watch just to do that. Also the program...guess I would have to watch the video again anyways


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Speaking of Avengers.... this is how I see it:

Block Image

@pccheese @mayer @oldturkey03

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Perfect! But I think @mayer should be Captain America and @oldturkey03 would be the vision.

Do that in Photoshop?


@kaykay love it. That looks just perfect :-) @mayer you look good in green lmao


Oh my awesome. Good work @kaykay old turkeys right Mayer. Green looks great on you


@kaykay My nickname in high school was Mr. Clean (not because of my behavior). But I never looked that buff. I did turn green a few times after drinking to much booze. But I love the thought ;-)


@kaykay I just finished the avengers... Who would be Nick Fury?

@mayer do you go to the gym? Or is it a natural build? @oldturkey03 that pic would make you about 30 years older than you are. 30 years older or 50 years younger...


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I was wondering when this was gonna happen. Nobody repairs apple watches. It's just not feasible for the customer. Alright guys @refectio @mayer @oldturkey03 @rany @gigabit87898 @pccheese unless anybody knows out the gate, let's come up with some research? No idea how to even interface with this thing. I guess through the iPhone?

Ok, so you can use the iPhone to interact with it

To add a complication, tap . After you add the complication in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, you can add it to your watch. Go back to your watch face, firmly press the display, and tap Customize. Then tap a complication and turn the Digital Crown to choose the information that you want to appear.Sep 13, 2016

There's like no content out there..

Alright OP try this on your iPhone, if it's still synced to watch

Open the Apple Watch app and tap the My Watch tab.

Tap General > Reset.

Tap Erase Apple Watch Content and Settings, then tap again to confirm. You might need to enter your Ap

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Ha. Thanks @pccheese there's a few others, like @jimfixer @tomchai a few others


avengers! aseeeeeeeeeeebleeeehhh!!


I guess that makes @kaykay Black Widow. Who's the Hulk?

Maybe @jayeff or @lpfaff1

I'd be the Hulk buster...


What about the diagnostic port? There is a Pinout somewhere, I forgot what website it was tho.


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The only way to reinstall watchOS is through a special service cable connected to the watch band slot. The cable is not available outside of Apple.

Since watchOS is designed to be OTA updated only, with no user recovery option, the system will be more conservative when modifying itself. Pure software errors are not probable. It is more likely that when you see this error screen, there has been hardware damage.

Apple watch board level repair is not possible, it is completely sealed.

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Do you think there is a way to melt the resin to get to the chips?


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In the case red exclamation mark persists after hard reset, the watch needs to be repaired or exchanged.

You can get more details here :


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