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Repair information and troubleshooting for Dell XPS 2-in-1 laptop computers with 12 inch screens.

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My detachable keyboard not working even after bought a new one.

It being year since i bought the new dell xps 12 after one month keyboard stop working suddenly i did everything but no luck then I bought new keyboard and still the same problem it's not detected it at all

in the first i thought it's software issue but after formating and rest the" bios "it's could be a hardware issue..

Know I end up to conclusion it's maybe the ribbon cable the having the pins to detached with keyboard is not working

I found a new one in ebay or Walmart should I buy it or maybe its not the problem ?

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Hello This could mean that it is the connector at the bottom of your XPS... and to my knowledge this peice is soldered directly onto the motherboard, you can try to contact DELL and see if they will replace it (You may need a warranty)



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