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The BLU Energy X Plus has a 5.5 ' HD display, 1GB ram, and an 8mp camera.

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Text Messanger App will not display text messages or contacts

My mom's phone randomly decided it had enough messaging. She has been using the default messanging app as that one allows her to use group messaging. The app of choice is not letting her access her messages. They still exist based on a diffierent app. Please help.

Ps. Also apprentently it doesnt do wifi passwords.

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It may be time to do a factory reset to get the functionality of the phone back . Dont forget to back up your data before doing the rest .


Hope this helps

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I agree with @jimfixer

Before doing so, however, try a last ditch effort by wiping the cache partition.

• hold down the Volume Up + Power key.

•As soon as you see Android Robot, release all buttons.

•Press Power key to enter to Recovery Mode.

• From the menu choose "Wipe Cache Partition" by using Volume buttons to scroll and Power button to select options.

• Select "YES" on the next screen if it asks

Once this is done select the option "Reboot System Now"

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Excellent catch should have mentioned this before factory reset


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