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Repair guides and support for motorcycles manufactured by Yamaha Motor Company.

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2013 V-Star 650 engine stall at engaging gears

With the side bar up and the clutch lever pulled the engine stalls when You engage the gears. It started after an oil change where I used Valvoline durablend 4T semi synthetic oil for motorcycle . I suspect a malfunctioning side bar security switch but not sure.

The motorcycle has only 48 miles run, almost new.

Could it be a clutch malfunction? I already adjust the clutch cable.

I brought the motorcycle from USA to Belgium.

Please, some idea will be very welcome.


Hector Alfonso

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@hmalfonso the model on the bike itself, is it a XVS650?


Is your problem solved?


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@hmalfonso could be that this is caused by a bad side stand switch. Should be easy to figure out with a multimeter. Location of the switch is marker 19 on the diagram

Block Image

Here is how to test your switches for continuity etc.

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Im not completely sure on this as to if Yamaha ever had this but over the years Ive had bikes that had a level sensor so the bike can't be put in gear if the bike was leaned to far to one side. sort of a backup for the kick switch . Ive also had problems with the kick switch if the spring doesn't hold the kick all the way up . If the kick switch was malfunctioning would it even let the bike be started ? I would defiantly check that the switch is adjusted to make contact correctly when up. If you don't have a double kick then you'll need a friend to help with this to hold the bike up. Hope this helps a fellow rider

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