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Ipad 2 Wifi turns itself off after battery replacement

Hi, I recently did an Ipad 2 Wifi Digitizer and battery replacement. Initially it seemed everything was working fine, but after 2 or 3 minutes of being powered on it turns itself off. Initially I thought it might have a loose connection to the battery but that is definitely not the case, the board is screwed down ontop of the connector and it restarts just sitting by itself.

Has anyone else seen this before? I ordered a new battery in case this one is defective, can't test it with the original battery because it was damaged during the removal. I'm wondering if the OS forces it to shut off when the battery percentage increases or decreases. The battery does charge up and arrived at 28% and I charged it to around 33% while messing with it. Now I have it manually turned off and charging so it won't force restart itself while plugged in.

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You could have a defective battery, there are lot's of low quality ones on the market. Certainly install the new one when you get it.

It could also be the charging circuit. However, before we go there, I would inspect the ferrite bead (FL7500, the one on the bottom left is the red square). It is inline with the charge state going back to the charge circuit. It may have been damaged when you played around the connector area. If you have a multimeter, measure it to see if it is a dead short (it should be).

Block Image

Then get back to us with your findings.

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That's what I'm telling my techs. Try to scoop the connector, not pry it up


Thanks for the super fast response. At this point I believe it is just a defective battery. I had it on and watching the battery indicator, it was at 46% then shut off when it should have changed to 45. When it came back on it was at 32%. And this Ipad doesn't look like the one in your picture, there are EMI shields completely surrounding the LCD connector except for a line of compenents at its rear, and there's a connector at the end of the board not the side of it. If I filed this question under the wrong device I apologize. Model A1395


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