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The 7" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in October, 2013. Model C9R6QM.

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Recently replaced screen cracked and half unresponsive

I replaced the screen to my Kindle fire HDX, but because it's the most difficult thing to repair without breaking (everything is glued together and the back doesn't easily come off the tablet) I ended up cracking the screen when trying to snap the backing on. Because it's so old I didn't really care about the cracks in the screen, I was more worried about the digitizer. Of course, the crack in the screen caused the left side to be unresponsive to touch--but, if I press down on the unresponsive side, it starts to freak out thinking someone's tapping/sliding the screen- so it's not compleatly unresponsive on that side.

Is it possible that if I take the backing off again that the screen will be responsive because it won't have as much pressure from the crack? The back was nearly impossible to remove and now it's squeezed back in which is why the screen cracked).

If I remove the backing and try to readjust it, could that help?

I really don't want to go through the process again let alone pay for another screen, but at the same time because it's cracked I don't want the entire screen to fall apart if I try to take the backing off again...

Amazon offered me 15$ towards a new kindle if I exchange it, but somehow I don't think I want to take that offer.

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I'd take the 15 dollars and get a new one. Once there is damage of any sort, youll have problems. I understand your logic, but unfortunately I dont think anything fix the issue.

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I'll probably keep it and use it in it's limited state. :/



If curiosity gets the best of you (Im that way), then I would test your theory and just see if it works. I wish there were a better answer.


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It seems to me the digitizer was damaged and thats what reconginizes when you touch the display. I would get a new one

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