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Push Pedal nothing happens

Yesterday I pulled up to my ball and hit it and then got back into the cart and it wouldn't go anywhere when I press the pedal I have a 2000 ezgo electric golf cart. I haven't checked anything I just want to know where to begin .

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@vxseanjohnxv ,Sean, Check all batteries for full charge(replace if batteries will not charge/hold charge) and that the wires/connections are clean/tight and undamaged. There are a few other things that may cause this issue faulty solenoid, key switch, micro switch, faulty motor,etc.. Find links below 1st and 2nd link are trouble shooting links for your issue and the 3rd link is a service manual with trouble shooting/testing components. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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everything was working normal yesterday but today, i pushed the foot feed and there’s nothing. i did put in a new solinoid could it be bad? we bought all new batterys less then a year ago so they should be good

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