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Die Neuauflage des Apple 13" MacBook Air von April 2014 wurde mit Dual-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren aufgefrischt. Die Akkulaufzeit wurde etwas verbessert.

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Which one should I have to choose for magsafe?

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There was a spark when I was recharging my MacBook, I think magsafe was covered with impurities.

And I have trouble with choosing an item now.

I'm using MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2014), and I've picked the upper one first.

But I noticed that the lower one would be fit with my case so I want someone to check my decision.

Is it okay to buy the lower one to replace my magsafe socket?

Thank you.

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You need the bottom one. The top one's part number (A1342) is from the plastic MacBook's from years past according to a quick Google search.

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@cam2363 is it really your job to go price shopping and get a part that does not carry a lifetime warranty. that may not be as well tested? That is a competitor of our host?


Where there responses deleted? Im not understanding your reply.


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