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The Dell Inspiron 14z-5423 is a lightweight 14-inch fire red, black, or silver laptop that was released in 2012.

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New laptop screen goes wild when on Battery (unplugged)

I just replaced my laptop screen, the old one had a backlight problem (backlight just stopped working, you could see that eveything worked in the dark, but no light in the screen)

I ordered the same piece number on amazon, I also ordered a new flex cable, perfect sceen, beautiful and bright... when plugged... when the laptop is on battery the screen automatically starts flickering (not flickering in brightness and it doesn't go black) in colors and resolution... the image looks ugly and with poor resolution, also the colors change. If you plug AC again the problem vanishes.

I tried to disable the intel 3000 graphics "battery" options but nothing worked

Block Image

Block Image

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Check the video cable. Sometimes the shielding frays and pokes into the signal line. Try swapping the video cable with the original one.

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I tried with both, origical flex cable and new flex cable, both the same weird behaviour, ONLY when the laptop is on battery


That is a weird effect. Try running the built in diagnostics, hit F12 and select Diagnostics. Run the diagnostics with and without the battery. Also, see if the colors do the same with an external monitor. If the external monitor does not have the color issue then the problem is the graphics processing unit.


Dell Diagnostics say nothing, everything works fine with an external monitor


The problem is with the laptop display if the external monitor is working properly.


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