Lava is a mobile phone company based in New Delhi, India.

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How to upgrade LTE to VoLTE

I have LAVA V2 3GB handset ... how can I upgrade its system from LTE to VoLTE

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how is passible 4g mobile to volte option in mobile


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You need to start out with a phone that supports HD Voice / Voice Over LTE. You also need to have a phone carrier that supports VoLTE. Only a few brands of phones and a few models support VoLTE. You cannot simply install software.

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Here's more on VoLTE: What is VoLTE?


There is no software options the phone needs to support it and your carrier towers must also support it. In some regions only select areas have it as it hasn't rolled out fully.

Here’s a listing of phones that currently offer VoLTE support: What is VoLTE and does my smartphone support it?

You also need to talk to your carrier on what they support.


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Hindi - plz sir mujhe batayi ki mai apna phone mai volte network kase chalu karu mera mobile lava v2 GB hai nahi ye update ho raha hai plz sir help me

English - Pulse's head told me how to turn on my phone May Volt Network, my mobile lava and 2 3 GB is not it is updating in Pulse Sir Help

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bhaarat mein vhaatel kee peshakash karane vaale phonon kee ek soochee yahaan dee gaee hai yahaan ek vartamaan hai volt ka samarthan karane vaale sabhee phonon kee soochee volt kya hai aur kya mera smaartafon isaka samarthan karata hai?

yadi aapaka phon soocheebaddh hai to aapako apane sthaaneey vaahak se baat karane kee bhee aavashyakata hogee kyonki abhee bhee samarthan pradaan nahin karate hain ya yah seemit kshetron mein ho sakata hai.

Here is a listing of what phones offer VoTLE in India Best smartphones that support VoLTE Here is a current listing of all phones which support VoLTE What is VoLTE and does my smartphone support it?

If your phone is listed you'll also need to talk with your local carrier as many still don't offer support or it might be in limited regions.


Aapka phone mein volte option nai hai. Aap volte nai use kr skte. Only 4g use kr skte ho.


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