TI-83 plus won't turn on

My TI-83 Plus has sat mostly unused for the last 8 years. Today, I plugged in 4 batteries, and got an all-black screen. Assuming it was a contrast issue, I hit 2nd+down repeatedly. That did nothing. I then took out the batteries and put them back in. This time, the calculator wouldn't turn on.

I searched for the issue and tried the standard methods of holding down "CLEAR" + "ON" and also holding down "DEL" while taking out a single battery and re-inserting it. In neither case did the calculator turn back on.

When I take out all the batteries for about 20 minutes or longer and then plug them back in, then the calculator does turn back on, but does the same "all black" screen a couple of times before reverting back to simply not turning on at all.

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