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Asus Strix Z270E Turns and Shutdown in 1 second

After replacing a CPU cooler, the unit powers on and then immediately shuts down.

The LED on the Z270E is turned on and I am not sure where to start.

When it shuts down, the LED is still on and none of the board LED error indicators turn on. I presume that there's nothing wrong with the CPU.

Any clues?

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The only thing you changed or disconnected was the cpu cooler?


Yeah and I've swapped out the RAM.

Also, I've tried resetting the CMOS as instructed in the manual with plugging out the battery as well.


@eksor Are you 100% sure your ram is compatible?


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1 Antwort

Try putting the old stuff back in and try again.

If it works try swapping only the cpu cooler and try again.

The problem u describing is often caused by a missplaced ram.

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