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iPhone 7 home button doesnt do anything after screen replacement

I had a customer come in with a cracked iPhone 7 Screen. Replaced it and swapped everything over, after testing initial replacement screen. When plugging it back in, the phone went into boot mode and wouldnt get past the apple logo and would continue to restart. So I unplugged it, unplugged battery again, tested a new lcd and it started right up again. After completely reinstalling everything on the new screen, and getting it together, the home button would not work.

There were no messages like I've seen in other threads saying "your home button might have an issue", the only thing it said was "unable to activate touch id". I uninstalled everything again thinking I had faulty home button extension cables on the replacement screens I had, and reinstalled everything on the original screen and same issue. Now at this point I just thought maybe i had damaged all the flex cables, So I had overnighted another order of screens and same thing on the new one. Any thoughts?

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It's your parts. Either you have bad parts? Or your supplier let out some bad parts in your last order

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sounds like the cable on the screen is faulty

and you may have possibly damaged the original screen cable when you removed the button

those buttons are very fragile and open to easily getting damaged on removal

if your new screens come and still same issue put original screen on a send them back to apple with a refund

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