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MacBook Pro Modelle mit 13'' Retina Displays ab dem Jahr 2012.

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KERNEL_task 4SNS/1/40000000: ICOR -10.996

Hi, I have a MacBook Pro which has been water damaged. All is working fine but I get 4sns/1/40000000: ICOR -10.996 and kernel task with the cpu working up to 600% at times. Does anyone have any idea on fixes with this? I'm starting to think that it is a battery fault as when on charge it works fine but as soon as unplugged it slows down.

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could you give some more info on the areas where it has water damage? and some photos with the corroded parts?


Hi Oros,

There doesn't seem to be any corrosion but I know it was sticky and seems to have gone through the keypad. I got it second hand and found that the bottom was stuck to the fans and the it was so sticky. The computer seems to change and work fine it's just when unplugged and the charge drops below 90% it seems to start playing up.


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I stand corrected. Found some corrosion here

Block Image

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Here is the best solution for this error: https://www.elvikom.pl/macbook-pro-air-b...

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