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Repair guides and support for the Expedition, a full-size SUV based on Ford's F-150 pickup truck. Closely related to the Lincoln Navigator.

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Magnetic stick fell into my 4th cylinder spark plug hole expedition 97

1997 Ford Expedition 5.4

My Magnetic stick fell into my 4th cylinder spark plug hole 97 expedition the only way to get it out was to turn on the engine for it to shoot out it indeed came out but the small round magnetic was still in I cold not get it out so I hope for it to come out while driving home for it to go through the exhaust while driving I herd it making noise then after that I didn't hear it any more but now my truck misfire a lot what damage did I do or could it be stuck somewhere in the engine now I've noticed some oil leaking under my truck please help

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How big was this magnet?


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@cliffdog, Clifton, Remove spark plug and see if end is broken off/damaged, if lucky minimal damage and replace plug and try. Probable damaged the piston/cylinder wall, you or a good mechanic will have to use a video scope to look in cylinder/engine or do partial tear down to see extent of damage. If extensive damage is found, engine may need rebuilt or possibly replaced with a good used engine from a local auto recycler to make it cost effective. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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The magnet was almost the size of a penny but smaller plus I sprayed Pvc blaster in cylinder 3 to try to get out the stuck spark plug majority of the can was sprayed into it


Clifton, Sorry this is difficult when I am not there to see the exact situation. As stated above remove spark plug and see if end is broken off/damaged, if plug not coming out, the end will probably be damage and is possible the cyl. head may have to come off.


I had it a the shop the mechanic had to take off the top part of intake manifold to get the plug out then he put the camera inside he can only see alot of oil or gasoline but that is what he says but I've noticed he isn't always honest one of his guys broke a wire that's some type of ground & push the wire back so I could not see it I found out when I was taking apart the throttle body that was a great engine now I have to drop it off to another shop


Have the same problem something fell in in number 3cly I can rotate the engine by hand and then it stop if I go the other way the same it goes around like 20 times


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