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Die Playstation 3 (im Volksmund auch PS3 genannt) ist das dritte Heimcomputer-Unterhaltungssystem der Firma Sony und der Nachfolger der PlayStation 2. Sie erschien am 11. November 2006

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Multiple Blu-ray Drive Failures: Burnout?

I'm on my fourth blu-ray drive. The first one failed rather abruptly, and I replaced it without a second thought. After about a year, the new one went out.

So I bought a third. It failed about a month after purchase. I sent it in for an exchange. With the third one, the laser worked fine for the first week or so we recieved it, up until the point that it would periodically not see the blu-ray discs at first. It would sometimes recognize it at start-up after a long period (2+ hours) of being completely off, but after it was on and heated up, it had trouble recognizing blu-rays again.

The last two drives have been able to see PS2 disks, however.

Any idea what the cause of this might be?

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It could be a problem with the power supply outputting too much voltage and killing each laser (Though this is highly unlikely). A better thing to try would be to clean all of the dust out of the fans & heatsinks, and replace the thermal paste on the CPU and RSX with some Artic Silver 5. Since the blu-ray drive rests right on top of the CPU and RSX, the heat that they are producing might be damaging the laser assemblies. If you have a CECHG or newer PS3 (If the bezel on the front is gray and not shiney chrome/black) you can force it to rev up the fans all the way to clear out dust by turning it all the way off (With the switch on the back) and turning that switch back on while holding down the "Eject" button. The fans will rev up to max speed, and blow out a good portion of the dust.

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