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An HTC smartphone, also known as the HTC Pico, released October 2011.

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How to upgrade with custom ROM...

i want to upgrade the htc explorer with custom rom, pls suggest...

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Can you expand on this a bit. One normally does not reprogram the phones ROM.


@danj, yes they do if they own Androids. The steps are 1) Unlock the bootloader if its locked, 2) root the phone, 3) Install a custom recovery (i.e.TWRP), and 4) install a custom rom, which is an unbranded updated, security patched, clean Android OS based on AOSP code. The popular one was Cyanogen, but now they have evolved into Lineage OS. In the iPhone /iPad world, one can only JailBreak, but this still leaves the device insecure. Rooting and updating an Android actually can make it more secure. However, forums.xda-developers.com is the proper locale to ask this type of question.


@avanteguarde - Yes, I was aware of people doing this. I was trying to pull from the OP what he was looking for. As you noted there are quite a few different reasons and ROM's one could go with.


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Look at xda they have a lot of different roms and usually good guides on how to flash the roms.


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