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A sturdy tablet designed by HP for business and government use.

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Windows keeps restarting after new install


Got this HP Elitepad 900. I've done a fresh installation of Windows 8.1 done the windows updates and installed the HP drivers for it.

When windows loads and shows the tiles it's fine. When I press to go on the desktop, settings or any other tile it shuts down the tablet.

Any ideas?

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Jaymie - I have the same issue… On multiple Elitepad 1000. One common thread is they all have bad batteries. If I pull the serial cable the tablets die immediately. This leads me to believe this may be power related and that the tablet relies in battery power for some tasks even when plugged in. DO you think this might be true for your elitepad as well?

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my hp elite 900 did the same I went in repair mode and restored to pervious restore point .  It started to happen after install of MS update . its pain to find all driver on these . this time I am making sure to create restore point after driver install ,.so I can figure out which update is actually causing this.

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sorry forgot to mention in repair mode more options and then advance will take you to restore point option . tablet actually works in safe mode as well even with this issue .


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